Kate Woods, Double River | KIDS OF DADA

Kate Woods, Abstract Geology | KIDS OF DADA

Kong Lingnan

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Train Passengers in Slow Motion at Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Train stations or bus stops are places where people from different backgrounds, and of different ages briefly cross paths. 

Adam Magyar views this setting as a cite of inspiration, and encouraged the viewer to pose questions such as: Who are they? Where are they going? Is it his or her birthday? Why are they smiling? 

The filmmaker has created a mesmerizing series of short black and white videos featuring slow-motion footage of passengers waiting for their trains. Filmed in Tokyo (Shinjuku station), New York (Grand Central Station) and Berlin (Alexanderplatz station), the footage was shot at 50 frames per second using a high-speed camera, giving the impression that the people waiting for the train are almost motionless.

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The final piece

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Love this animated GIF.